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Additional Info

  • mix: https://soundcloud.com/mc-numerous/the-bassicks-vol-1-jakes-breaks
  • Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mc-numerous/

Numerous is an MC, Turntablist, and DJ who incorporates a wide spectrum of bass-driven genres to fuse together low-end frequencies with melodic soul-driven textures.

With the integration of intricate mixing techniques, live scratching / turntablism, and freestyle / vocal work, he has the ability to weave together a unique soundscape coupled with an encapsulating live experience each set he plays.

In 2010, as the MC / Front Man of the Hip Hop / Electronic fusion group Vibrant EYEris (along with members LowGritt, RudeSkool and Bill Rosby), he performed over 300+ shows ranging from venues, house parties, festivals, and warehouse undergrounds.

During his present day solo career, Numerous has has been invigorating dancefloors and venues throughout the coast of California with his dedication to discovering new pockets of sounds while pushing his own expectations both in technical versatility and authentic sonic expression.

Genres of focus: Hip Hop, Booty Bass / Ghetto House, Breakbeat, DnB, Juke / Footwork, MidTempo


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